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Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowserFile.MediaBrowserFileList Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowserFile.MediaBrowserFileList:
Components.FileList.FileList Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowser.MediaBrowserList Components.MenuList.MenuList Components.HTMLComponent.HTMLComponent Components.GUIComponent.GUIComponent

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, type)
def canDescend (self)
def descend (self)
def getItemName (self, item=None)
def getMeta (self, item)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Components.FileList.FileList
def __init__ (self, directory, showDirectories=True, showFiles=True, showMountpoints=True, matchingPattern=None, useServiceRef=False, inhibitDirs=False, inhibitMounts=False, isTop=False, enableWrapAround=False, additionalExtensions=None)
def refreshMountpoints (self)
def getMountpoint (self, file)
def getMountpointLink (self, file)
def getSelection (self)
def getCurrentEvent (self)
def getFileList (self)
def inParentDirs (self, dir, parents)
def changeDir (self, directory, select=None)
def getCurrentDirectory (self)
def canDescent (self)
def descent (self)
def getFilename (self)
def getServiceRef (self)
def execBegin (self)
def execEnd (self)
def refresh (self)
def partitionListChanged (self, action, device)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Components.MenuList.MenuList
def __init__ (self, list, enableWrapAround=False, content=eListboxPythonStringContent, mode=eListbox.layoutVertical, itemSize=0, itemWidth=0, itemHeight=0, margin=ePoint(0, 0), selectionZoom=1.0)
def getCurrent (self)
def postWidgetCreate (self, instance)
def preWidgetRemove (self, instance)
def selectionChanged (self)
def getSelectionIndex (self)
def getSelectedIndex (self)
def setList (self, list)
def moveToIndex (self, idx)
def pageUp (self)
def pageDown (self)
def up (self)
def down (self)
def selectionEnabled (self, enabled)
def currentPage (self)
def totalPages (self)
def itemWidth (self)
def itemHeight (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Components.HTMLComponent.HTMLComponent
def produceHTML (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Components.GUIComponent.GUIComponent
def __init__ (self)
def onShow (self)
def onHide (self)
def destroy (self)
def applySkin (self, desktop, parent)
def move (self, x, y=None)
def resize (self, x, y=None)
def setZPosition (self, z)
def show (self)
def hide (self)
def getVisible (self)
def setVisible (self, visible)
def setPosition (self, x, y)
def getPosition (self)
def getSize (self)
def GUIcreate (self, parent)
def GUIdelete (self)
def createWidget (self, parent)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowser.MediaBrowserList
def onParentShow (self)
def onParentClose (self)
def getSelectedItem (self)
def isValidType (self, item)
def moveToIndex (self, idx)
def pageUp (self)
def pageDown (self)
def getServiceRef (self, item=None)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from Components.FileList.FileList
- Public Attributes inherited from Components.MenuList.MenuList
- Public Attributes inherited from Components.GUIComponent.GUIComponent
- Public Attributes inherited from Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowser.MediaBrowserList

Static Public Attributes

list audio_ext = ["mp2", "mp3", "flac", "wma", "fla", "flc", "m4a", "aac", "ogg", "wav", "wave", "pcm"]
list video_ext = ["mpg", "mpeg", "avi", "divx", "vob", "m4v", "mkv", "mp4", "dat", "mov", "ts", "wmv", "mts", "m2ts", "e2pls", "m2t", "xvid"]
string filter_audio = "(?i)^.*\.(%s)" %("|".join(audio_ext),)
string filter_video = "(?i)^.*\.(%s)" %("|".join(video_ext),)
string filter_media = "(?i)^.*\.(%s|%s)" %("|".join(audio_ext), "|".join(video_ext))
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Components.MenuList.MenuList
 GUI_WIDGET = eListbox
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowser.MediaBrowserList
bool IS_ASYNC = False

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from Components.GUIComponent.GUIComponent
 visible = property(getVisible, setVisible)
 position = property(getPosition, setPosition)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowserFile.MediaBrowserFileList.__init__ (   self,

Member Function Documentation

◆ canDescend()

def Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowserFile.MediaBrowserFileList.canDescend (   self)

◆ descend()

def Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowserFile.MediaBrowserFileList.descend (   self)

◆ getItemName()

def Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowserFile.MediaBrowserFileList.getItemName (   self,
  item = None 

◆ getMeta()

def Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowserFile.MediaBrowserFileList.getMeta (   self,

Member Data Documentation

◆ audio_ext

list Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowserFile.MediaBrowserFileList.audio_ext = ["mp2", "mp3", "flac", "wma", "fla", "flc", "m4a", "aac", "ogg", "wav", "wave", "pcm"]

◆ filter


◆ filter_audio

string Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowserFile.MediaBrowserFileList.filter_audio = "(?i)^.*\.(%s)" %("|".join(audio_ext),)

◆ filter_media

string Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowserFile.MediaBrowserFileList.filter_media = "(?i)^.*\.(%s|%s)" %("|".join(audio_ext), "|".join(video_ext))

◆ filter_video

string Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowserFile.MediaBrowserFileList.filter_video = "(?i)^.*\.(%s)" %("|".join(video_ext),)

◆ video_ext

list Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.MediaBrowserFile.MediaBrowserFileList.video_ext = ["mpg", "mpeg", "avi", "divx", "vob", "m4v", "mkv", "mp4", "dat", "mov", "ts", "wmv", "mts", "m2ts", "e2pls", "m2t", "xvid"]

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