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Aktuelle Version vom 10. Mai 2006, 21:16 Uhr


3-Tage Vorschau

This plugin parses weather rss feeds from and displays a 3-day weather forecast including icons. You can customize weather.xml with new weather types and the locations you want to see (use 'Feed type: plain'). You need to have internet configured on your dreambox for this to work.

To install: The zipfile contains all the correct directories so uploading the 'var' directory to the root of the filesystem of your dreambox should do the trick. If your zipfile has no directories, try the following:

  • copy and weather.cfg to /var/tuxbox/plugins
  • create a new directory: /var/tuxbox/config/weather
  • copy weather.xml to /var/tuxbox/config/weather
  • copy the directory icons (and contents) to /var/tuxbox/config/weather/icons (You should now have a /var/tuxbox/config/weather/icons directory)

If you get an error message about a missing, execute the following command: mkdir /var/lib/; ln -s /lib/ /var/lib/

If you want to create custom icons you have to use pngquant ( to convert the icons to 8bit PNG with palette. Use 64 colors.


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