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Paul Ponna is an affiliate marketer, Paul Ponna, the inventor of Profit Monarch and Income Hybrid and he became a of top Clickbank vendor. Yes I don't mind putting hours in even for pennies as it eventually gives me something I would otherwise not have, but if I complete this task by clicking on a Paul Ponna link will I be unintentionally promoting his site (or worse linking my IP address to him (so I end up spammed etc) The last thing my family needs at the minute is some rogue virus or scam or spam affecting the only pc we have, and I certainly don't want to promote a scam either!

This video series is perfect for newbies and advanced marketers alike, because it holds you by the hand and takes you step-by-step through the entire process, starting with an explanation of forum marketing, and then running through each step towards establishing yourself as an expert on a forum, and promoting your products without being overbearing.

Paul Ponna's Copy Paste Systems have helped a huge number of budding entrepreneurs make their first sales online, making the task of getting their feet wet so much easier to do.There are a lot of us who have benefited from this master internet marketer and learned much by just following in his footsteps.

Suffice it to say that I will not take this lying down, I will give them another 24 hours to respond before I post this experience with the FTC, its equivalent in Canada, with every single forum, blog, avenue on the Internet to boycott this product and Paul Ponna.

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