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ServiceReference.ServiceReference Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ServiceReference.ServiceReference:

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, ref)
def __str__ (self)
def getServiceName (self)
def info (self)
def list (self)
def getType (self)
def getPath (self)
def getFlags (self)
def isRecordable (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from enigma.eServiceReference
def getSortKey (self)
def setPath (self, n, decode_path=False)
def getUnsignedData (self, num)
def getData (self, num)
def setUnsignedData (self, num, val)
def setData (self, num, val)
def getName (self)
def setName (self, n)
def setUserAgent (self, uA)
def getUserAgent (self)
def setTransportHeaders (self, headers)
def getTransportHeaders (self)
def getSuburi (self)
def setSuburi (self, sU)
def __init__ (self, *args)
def toString (self)
def toCompareString (self)
def __eq__ (self, c)
def __ne__ (self, c)
def __lt__ (self, c)
def valid (self)
def compare (self, ref)
def hash (self)

Public Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from enigma.eServiceReference
 thisown = _swig_property(lambda x: x.this.own(), lambda x, v: x.this.own(v), doc='The membership flag')
 idInvalid = _enigma.eServiceReference_idInvalid
 idStructure = _enigma.eServiceReference_idStructure
 idDVB = _enigma.eServiceReference_idDVB
 idFile = _enigma.eServiceReference_idFile
 idM2TS = _enigma.eServiceReference_idM2TS
 idDB = _enigma.eServiceReference_idDB
 idUser = _enigma.eServiceReference_idUser
 idGST = _enigma.eServiceReference_idGST
 idDVD = _enigma.eServiceReference_idDVD
 idURI = _enigma.eServiceReference_idURI
 idStream = _enigma.eServiceReference_idStream
 type = _swig_property(_enigma.eServiceReference_type_get, _enigma.eServiceReference_type_set)
 isDirectory = _enigma.eServiceReference_isDirectory
 mustDescent = _enigma.eServiceReference_mustDescent
 canDescent = _enigma.eServiceReference_canDescent
 flagDirectory = _enigma.eServiceReference_flagDirectory
 shouldSort = _enigma.eServiceReference_shouldSort
 hasSortKey = _enigma.eServiceReference_hasSortKey
 sort1 = _enigma.eServiceReference_sort1
 isMarker = _enigma.eServiceReference_isMarker
 isGroup = _enigma.eServiceReference_isGroup
 isLive = _enigma.eServiceReference_isLive
 isMulticast = _enigma.eServiceReference_isMulticast
 mustJoinMulticastGroup = _enigma.eServiceReference_mustJoinMulticastGroup
 flags = _swig_property(_enigma.eServiceReference_flags_get, _enigma.eServiceReference_flags_set)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def ServiceReference.ServiceReference.__init__ (   self,

Member Function Documentation

◆ __str__()

def ServiceReference.ServiceReference.__str__ (   self)

◆ getFlags()

def ServiceReference.ServiceReference.getFlags (   self)

◆ getPath()

def ServiceReference.ServiceReference.getPath (   self)
getPath(eServiceReference self) -> std::string

Reimplemented from enigma.eServiceReference.

◆ getServiceName()

def ServiceReference.ServiceReference.getServiceName (   self)

◆ getType()

def ServiceReference.ServiceReference.getType (   self)

◆ info()

def ServiceReference.ServiceReference.info (   self)

◆ isRecordable()

def ServiceReference.ServiceReference.isRecordable (   self)

◆ list()

def ServiceReference.ServiceReference.list (   self)

Member Data Documentation

◆ ref


◆ serviceHandler


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