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Components.Pixmap.Pixmap Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Components.Pixmap.Pixmap:
Components.GUIComponent.GUIComponent Components.Pixmap.MovingPixmap Components.Pixmap.MultiPixmap Components.Pixmap.PixmapConditional Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.Helpers.EasyPixmap Plugins.Extensions.MediaPlayer.plugin.MediaPixmap Plugins.Extensions.MediaRenderer.MediaPixmap.MediaPixmap Components.BlinkingPixmap.BlinkingPixmapConditional Plugins.Extensions.MediaCenter.AudioPlayer.MediaPixmap

Public Member Functions

def setPixmap (self, pixmap)
def setDefaultAnimationEnabled (self, enabled)
def setShowHideAnimation (self, key)
def resetShowHideAnimation (self)
def postWidgetCreate (self, instance)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Components.GUIComponent.GUIComponent
def __init__ (self)
def execBegin (self)
def execEnd (self)
def onShow (self)
def onHide (self)
def destroy (self)
def applySkin (self, desktop, parent)
def move (self, x, y=None)
def resize (self, x, y=None)
def setZPosition (self, z)
def show (self)
def hide (self)
def getVisible (self)
def setVisible (self, visible)
def setPosition (self, x, y)
def getPosition (self)
def getSize (self)
def GUIcreate (self, parent)
def GUIdelete (self)
def createWidget (self, parent)
def preWidgetRemove (self, instance)

Static Public Attributes

 GUI_WIDGET = ePixmap

Additional Inherited Members

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- Properties inherited from Components.GUIComponent.GUIComponent
 visible = property(getVisible, setVisible)
 position = property(getPosition, setPosition)

Member Function Documentation

◆ postWidgetCreate()

def Components.Pixmap.Pixmap.postWidgetCreate (   self,

◆ resetShowHideAnimation()

def Components.Pixmap.Pixmap.resetShowHideAnimation (   self)

◆ setDefaultAnimationEnabled()

def Components.Pixmap.Pixmap.setDefaultAnimationEnabled (   self,

◆ setPixmap()

def Components.Pixmap.Pixmap.setPixmap (   self,

◆ setShowHideAnimation()

def Components.Pixmap.Pixmap.setShowHideAnimation (   self,

Member Data Documentation


Components.Pixmap.Pixmap.GUI_WIDGET = ePixmap

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