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Plugins.Extensions.GraphMultiEPG.GraphMultiEpg.GraphMultiEPGMenu Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Plugins.Extensions.GraphMultiEPG.GraphMultiEpg.GraphMultiEPGMenu:
Components.ConfigList.ConfigListScreen Screens.Screen.Screen Components.GUISkin.GUISkin

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, session)
def selectionChanged (self)
def createConfigList (self)
def resetPressed (self)
def okPressed (self)
def cancelPressed (self)
def changedEntry (self, element=None)
def getCurrentEntry (self)
def getCurrentValue (self)
def createSummary (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Components.ConfigList.ConfigListScreen
def __init__ (self, list, session=None, on_change=None)
def handleInputHelpers (self)
def KeyText (self)
def VirtualKeyBoardCallback (self, callback=None)
def keyOK (self)
def keyLeft (self)
def keyRight (self)
def keyHome (self)
def keyEnd (self)
def keyDelete (self)
def keyBackspace (self)
def keyToggleOW (self)
def keyGotAscii (self)
def keyNumberGlobal (self, number)
def keyPreviousSection (self)
def keyNextSection (self)
def saveAll (self)
def keySave (self)
def cancelConfirm (self, result)
def keyCancel (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Screens.Screen.Screen
def __init__ (self, session, parent=None, windowTitle=None)
def saveKeyboardMode (self)
def setKeyboardModeAscii (self)
def setKeyboardModeNone (self)
def restoreKeyboardMode (self)
def execBegin (self)
def execEnd (self)
def doClose (self, immediate=True)
def doCloseInternal (self)
def close (self, *retval)
def setFocus (self, o)
def show (self)
def hide (self)
def enable (self, do_show=True)
def disable (self)
def isEnabled (self)
def __repr__ (self)
def getRelatedScreen (self, name)
def setShowHideAnimation (self, animation_key)
def neverAnimate (self)
def canAnimate (self)
def ignoreSource (self, name)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Components.GUISkin.GUISkin
def createGUIScreen (self, parent, desktop, updateonly=False)
def deleteGUIScreen (self)
def close (self)
def addSummary (self, summary)
def removeSummary (self, summary)
def setTitle (self, title)
def getTitle (self)
def setDesktop (self, desktop)
def applySkin (self)
def setZPosition (self, z)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from Components.ConfigList.ConfigListScreen
- Public Attributes inherited from Screens.Screen.Screen
- Public Attributes inherited from Components.GUISkin.GUISkin

Static Public Attributes

bool IS_DIALOG = True
list onChangedEntry = [ ]
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Screens.Screen.Screen
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Components.GUISkin.GUISkin
bool IS_DIALOG = False

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from Components.GUISkin.GUISkin
 title = property(getTitle, setTitle)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def Plugins.Extensions.GraphMultiEPG.GraphMultiEpg.GraphMultiEPGMenu.__init__ (   self,

Reimplemented from Components.GUISkin.GUISkin.

Member Function Documentation

◆ cancelPressed()

def Plugins.Extensions.GraphMultiEPG.GraphMultiEpg.GraphMultiEPGMenu.cancelPressed (   self)

◆ changedEntry()

def Plugins.Extensions.GraphMultiEPG.GraphMultiEpg.GraphMultiEPGMenu.changedEntry (   self,
  element = None 

◆ createConfigList()

def Plugins.Extensions.GraphMultiEPG.GraphMultiEpg.GraphMultiEPGMenu.createConfigList (   self)

◆ createSummary()

def Plugins.Extensions.GraphMultiEPG.GraphMultiEpg.GraphMultiEPGMenu.createSummary (   self)

◆ getCurrentEntry()

def Plugins.Extensions.GraphMultiEPG.GraphMultiEpg.GraphMultiEPGMenu.getCurrentEntry (   self)

◆ getCurrentValue()

def Plugins.Extensions.GraphMultiEPG.GraphMultiEpg.GraphMultiEPGMenu.getCurrentValue (   self)

◆ okPressed()

def Plugins.Extensions.GraphMultiEPG.GraphMultiEpg.GraphMultiEPGMenu.okPressed (   self)

◆ resetPressed()

def Plugins.Extensions.GraphMultiEPG.GraphMultiEpg.GraphMultiEPGMenu.resetPressed (   self)

◆ selectionChanged()

def Plugins.Extensions.GraphMultiEPG.GraphMultiEpg.GraphMultiEPGMenu.selectionChanged (   self)

Member Data Documentation


bool Plugins.Extensions.GraphMultiEPG.GraphMultiEpg.GraphMultiEPGMenu.IS_DIALOG = True

◆ list


◆ onChangedEntry

list Plugins.Extensions.GraphMultiEPG.GraphMultiEpg.GraphMultiEPGMenu.onChangedEntry = [ ]

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